Nautical paradise hidden in Adriatic sea


National park Kornati is often regarded as sailing paradise. More than 80 islands, islets and reefs will grant you unforgetable sailing expirience .

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pearls in adriatic

National park Kornati consists of eighty-nine islands, islets and cliffs making a real stone labyrinth in the Adriatic sea.
Parkt itself has more than 300 km of man-made dry stone walls. Walls are split in two types, ones for fencings olive groves, and others as pasture fences. Walls on Kornati are specific by the fact they were  often build “from sea to sea” meaning from shore to shore. First known walls or, at least, stone land markings were set on Kornati in fifteenth century while their great expansion happened in seventeenth century when shepherds redeem the land from feudal lords. Which left great tradition of sheep-keeping and excellence in lamb meat production.

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